So this is where I am choosing to continue my journey through blogging and my fat to fit!!

I started Weight Watchers in October 2011 and to this date I have lost 25lbs.  I have a goal of losing at least another 50lbs, but for now I look at my next albs.  I am a mom to almost 5 yo twin girls who keep me on my toes, but they are the real reason for this epic (yes I said that) journey.  My brother died over 3 years ago from what is believed to be CHF (congestive heart failure).  He was 35 yo at the time, the age I will be in November, and he left behind 3 children.

I fear that I will end up with the same fate and refuse to ever allow myself to get there.  I have begun the journey from Fit to Fat and hope to continue with the help of my wonderful supporters on Twitter and my family.