In less than 6 months I will be 35 years old.  The same age as my brother was when he died.  I fear that age for that reason, but I have decided to look at it differently.  In the next 6 months, I will change the way that I live by adding exercise on a regular basis.  I will continue to eat healthy and make better decision.  In addition I will be closer to my goal weight with the home of losing 25 more lbs.  I hit the 25 lb mark this past weekend, it took 7 months to get there, I figure I can do this in 6 months.

I have also decided that I will do a bucket list for things I would like to accomplish before I turn 40 ( a later post). So I think in the next 6 months I have a lot to do and I need to remain focused as much as possible. In addition, I will also be working on fixing up our house so that we can sell it and buy an actual house.