So today is WI day, as is every Saturday.  I have not made the healthiest of choices this week.  I did try to walk a good part of the days this week, but even still I am sure that it was not enough.  There is a part of me that is angry with myself for allowing this to happen, but then there is a part of me that is saying ok, you know what you did move on.

The problem is the part that is angry causes these emotions to go haywire and then I feel guilt and then want to eat and then I feel guilt for eating and well you get the picture it is a big revolving door!!!  So I have to find a way to move on as I said and not dwell on the mistakes and accept that no matter what the scale says today I will be ok with it and move forward from it!!

As part of this amazing website I am doing a photo a day for June.  June 1st was “your view”, here is the picture from y yesterday.  My daughters wanted to go on a walk before school, they really do inspire me.