Well I gained +0.8lbs this week. I knew that potentially I was in for a gain even with 21K steps on Friday.  I can’t make up for a crappy week with one good day and even that wasn’t a good day, it was just an insane one.  

This past week has been spent trying to help my MIL/FIL find a place to live here in Jersey as they are getting ready to move here.  They are selling their home in the South and relocating to be closer to J and the girls.  At first I thought this was a great idea and I even was the one to suggest it, well it is now going to be them living with us for 6 weeks as their new place will not be available until 8/15.  What have I gotten myself into???!!!

Yesterday, I spend the day with my MIL in Philly at the Wills Eye Emergency as she had a tear in her retna that needed to be repaired.  They were luckily able to repair it, however we were there for almost 6 hours.  I was exhausted and ended up eating a bag of pretzels and skittles to stay awake and make it through.  Again, bad choices due to stress I just wanted something that was going to help me get through those hours.  My FIL was with me and he at times gets very worried especially about his wife.  So I did a lot of sitting with him, trying to reassure him.  Now as far as my good deeds go, that was a big one.  J was home with the girls and it wasn’t that bad, but as we all know sitting in an ER is never fun.

So I am moving on today, I am going to set up a plan for the week and I am going to do my best to stick to it.  I have a planner which I write all the important appointments for my girls in, so I think I am going to write down my exercise plan for the week in there too.  The idea that if I write it down then I have to do it, I am stuck with it!!  I am looking forward to losing those next 5 lbs and staying on a path that will keep me strong.