Words are more than just words


It is amazing to me sometimes what words can do to a person.  I say to my patients that words often hurt more than any amount of physical violence against a person.  So then why do we tend to say things that are so negative to ourselves all the time?  I am harder on myself than anyone else and yet I still do things that I am not happy with and then this starts the negative thoughts.  I have never thought that I was good enough or that I deserved love.  I still struggle with this, even though I know in my heart that I am loved.


So as I continue to struggle with my weight loss journey, I need to find a way to realize that I am loved and I am worthy of my success. I have been slacking with everything, tracking, eating, exercise, you name it and I haven’t done it. I get stuck in this rut and forget who I am within this journey.  I am more than a mom and wife, I am worth continuing on this journey. I deserve to love myself and stop defining myself as the number that comes up on the scale every week.


The question now is, how? How do I prove to myself that I am worth it and that I deserve it?  I need to set small goals that are attainable rather than so far off that I fear them.  So here are my goals for the next 4 weeks:


  • attend meetings, and by that I mean don’t just go and weigh in actually stay for the meetings.
  • track, track, track
  • find time for me and by that I mean find the time to exercise and stop making excuses
  • lost weight every week, I don’t care how much as long as the scale goes down


Now, some of you may ask why only the next 4 weeks, because I think part of my problem is that I focus on the big picture instead of looking at this as a journey where each step of the way is a new piece of the puzzle and in the end I will be able to see the beautiful picture.  That picture will be me a new and improved me.  So, in the end I will learn to love me and all my faults and be able to accept defeat when needed and be able to recognize that even though I am not perfect I still deserve to be loved.