I took a break for a while from writing. There were some issues previously with a person in my life not being happy with what I was writing.  I guess that is part of the process.  So since July so many things have happened.

I have decided to not have weight loss surgery.  I have been going to the gym and I have started running.  Yes I said running, who would have thought that was even possible.  Well I have run 4 (5K’s) since September.  3 of which I have run the entire thing, and I have improved on my time significantly. November race 46:20.9, December race 42:53.86, and the 1/1/15 race was 42:28.03.  I would say that is progress.

I have a great trainer at the gym I am going to and he is working with me on improving my overall fitness. I am struggling with the nutrition aspect of life at the moment trying to conquer the emotional eating and figure out why I am making some of the choices I am making.  That is probably the hardest part of this journey.  I have lost almost 30lbs and I am so much healthier but still feeling like I am failing.  The entire idea of self doubt is just too much and feeling like I can’t be more.  I know I know, maybe the person was right before when they said “the person who writes this needs a therapist”, lol.  Good thing I listened.

Anyway, if anyone has some great healthy recipes send them my way!!!  I would love to hear how you are eating healthy in the new year.