Half marathon number 2 is in the books!!  I completed it on 8/16/15 and I did it in 2:55:52 which is almost 5 minutes faster than my last one!!  I know to some that may not sound like much but for me it was epic.

I read a book recently “Bright Side” by Kim Holden and one of the things the character says is “Do Epic”.  I love that!!  I love the concept of “Do Epic” and I feel like no matter what we do in life we can do it that way.  I have taken to running that way.  This past Monday I completed my 24th race since I started running one year ago and I have completed 21 races for this year.  My goal for 2015 was to do one race a month and at this point I have crushed that.

In one year I have completed 24 races….. 2 half marathons, (1) 15K, (3) 10K’s, (1) 8k, (1) 5 mile, (1) 4 mile and the rest 5K’s.  Before this year (2015) is done I will have done 2 more half marathons, 1 ten mile and a few more 5k’s.  I am now contemplating doing a full marathon.  I have some amazing running friends who have become my friends in everyday life and one is encouraging me to do a full in NC this spring.  While I am thinking about it I am scared and I know once I sign up I am committed to it.  Fear takes over at this point.