This is the finish of half marathon #3.  I never thought I would say that or be there or have done anything like this.  I ran in the Diva Series Half Marathon on 10/4/15 in Long Island, NY. First let me say that this was a great race.  Logistically it was a nightmare, having to drive to Long Island 2 days in a row was not how I wanted to spend my weekend.  Oh well it was worth it.  Last summer July 2014 I started running.  Never would I have imagined that just over a year later I would have completed so many races (25 total) and three of those halfs.  This one on 10/4 though was a huge PR for me.  I finished in 2:42:25 and although to most of you that doesn’t sound like much and is probably pretty darn slow.  Well considering my first ever 5K I ran in just over 46 minutes I would say that is a huge improvement.  Not only that my half that I ran in August (number 2) my time was 2:52:22 so that is almost 10 min faster in just under 2 months time.  In my life it is all about the small journeys.

At this point I have an injury though.  My hip was sore before my race ( I KT taped it) and then after I was good.  Well I ran 4 miles with hills on Wednesday as a training run as I have another half marathon on 10/18 and I did not tape my hip.  I haven’t run since as I have been in a lot of pain.  Heading to the doctor today to get it looked at.  This is a lesson in listening to our bodies!!  On a positive note I have still gone to the gym every day and have done strength training.  I refuse to let this injury be an excuse for not staying healthy.