That is me before the start of Half Marathon #4!!  Yes I totally rocked Batman and yes I looked good.  Wait did I just say that??  I have such a hard time acknowledging my hard work and being proud of it.  This was not my fastest race by any means.  My watch time says 2:44:54 but I paused it when I stopped with my friend (she had to pee) and the official time was 2:46:58.

This race started out like any other, I place myself in the BOTP (back of the pack) and truly that is where I was, I looked back before we got to mile 1 and the police escort was about 5 people behind us.  The thing is I know I will move forward, starting out slow is my thing.  I have been nursing a hip injury for a couple of weeks and was really nervous about that before the race, but it was all about having fun.  About 2-3 miles in we were going through a neighborhood and this little boy was adorable.  He was yelling “It’s Batman, it’s batman” it totally made my day.  At this point my friend also needed to pee, so we were on the hunt for a port a potty.  We saw 2 at the relay point which was mile 4 (watch paused).  However because it was the relay point there were 4-5 people in line so my friend waited a minute and we kept going.  This is the when I first felt my hip from the stop and going again even though I tried to keep moving.

The next mile or so was down hill and then back up and then onto a paved trail.  My friend decided the woods would have to be her place to pee and so watch paused again and she peed.  Back on track.  We hit the 10K point and I was feeling ok.  I had a little soreness but at this point we doing some downhill so we made up some of the time we thought we lost from stopping.  I typically do 60:30 intervals the entire race and during this race we changed it up a little and ran down the down hills (there were a few) and ignored the walk interval until we were comfortably off the hill then at the next walk we did.  It seemed to work fine.

We ended up out of the sun and back in the shade at around mile 9 and it got a little cool again.  The scenery was beautiful but man the rolling hills were tough.  I guess around mile 10.5/11 I really started to feel my hip.  Every step with my right foot was painful and I knew then I was really going to have to push myself those last 2 miles.  The last 2 were my worst miles, which in my previous half they had been my best.  My friend and I finished together hand in hand and it was the best.

You see my friend is one of my biggest running inspirations she is the girl who was at my first 5K (where I met her) and cheered for me at the finish and had water for me and every since then we have become good friends.  Well she is moving next month and will no longer be able to run with me.  This was our 2nd half together in less than a month and our last one for now.  I had promised myself I would run with her the entire race and that I did.

One more big race this weekend the Perfect 10 (because we are all a perfect 10) and then just some smaller races until the spring.  Trying to decide now if I am ready to take the plunge and sign up for a full……..