Hey all join me starting now through January 2nd in the Holiday Sweat Challenge!!!


Find a way to stay healthy and fit til the new year.  I am sure I am not alone in saying that the holidays are often a difficult time with eating and exercise.  There is always something holding us back or getting in the way.  Let this challenge hold you accountable and give you some extra motivation.  I will be participating and look forward to it!  Let’s help each other over the next couple of months.


I am still not able to run (one more week I hope). So today’s workout was a 50 min elliptical workout that I found on Pinterest.


I admit I wasn’t sure about it at first but it wasn’t bad and I certainly got my sweat on that is for sure.  I am trying to find new things that I like and ways to keep myself motivated so that I don’t stop going to the gym.  My biggest fear is losing the motivation so I remind myself every day of how I have come and how much my entire life has changed.  Keep moving everyone. Progress not perfection…..