I have been doing a lot of thinking lately regarding running.  Ever Saturday I have been getting pretty anxious about doing my long run’s on Sunday.  Never before has this happened.  I know part of it is not having someone to run with anymore and part of it is I am in a different place than I was last year. So I have decided to take a little break from the distance running.

Now don’t confuse this with taking a break from running because well I still really enjoy running.  I am just going to focus more on my shorter distances and maybe getting faster and then focus on training for the half I really want to do in September.  I think that is the other piece of this puzzle, I don’t really want to do the half in March.  I signed up because I thought it would motivate me to get to training and running again and well all it has done is make me hate it.  I don’t wan to hate running I want to love it.

I have also been getting into strength training more and yoga so I am finding somewhat of a balance.  When I am training for a half, I feel like everything else gets neglected because I have to run a specific se too mileage and I can’t workout or train the way I really want to.  This allows me a little more flexibility for the next few months as I settle into a routine without my normal trainer.

For me it all goes back to fear, the idea of doing something different and failing.  The fear of gaining the weight back that I have lost (that will be because of my lack of tracking if anything). So I need to stop being afraid of my own mind and what I think others might think of my choices.  I am worth making positive decisions and this will be ok.