Fat To Fit And More

A Journey from Fat to Fit through Running


March 2016


I will get to the title in a minute.

I realized lately that I needed a change.  I have gotten bored with my strength training and when I get bored I have a tendency to just stop doing something.  I think that is why I like running because I never get bored.  There is always a new trail, park or route to explore.  This keeps me feeling as if I am seeing something new every so often.  My previous trainer had given me a really good strength training program that I have been doing for a while, and that is just it I have been doing it for a while.  So time for a change.  I am currently doing some research on different exercises and focusing on increase the weight I am using to challenge myself.

My daughter has been taking TaeKwonDo at a local martial arts studio since August and we love it there.  The owner is amazing with the kids and he is great with my often difficult and distracted daughter.  Well they offer a lot of adult classes.  My husband at times does Krav Maga and I do yoga there when I can.  Recently he started working with another parent doing what he called FitCom (hence the title).  So when he said he was looking for a guinea pig I said heck yeah.

So the concept of FitCom is that most people are willing to sit and watch a 30 min Sitcom but people come up with excuses for why they can’t take 30 min a day to work out.  So FitCom is 30 min of your day 22 min of active work and 8 min of active rest (the length of a sitcom).  So we will be doing 6x a week for 4 weeks which is 24 sessions and we will see how the progress is. This week is week on.

I started yesterday 3/28 and my starting weight is 170 (I know I am putting that out there for the world).  I have maintained the same weight for 6 months which is amazing as a doctor told me yesterday because the majority of people who lose as much weight as I have tend to go back up.  My goal those is to get closer to 150.  Realistic?  Who knows but I will try.  I know that won’t happen in 4 weeks but if I can lay some different ground work then I can at least get a head start.

So over the next 4 weeks I will do weekly updates on the class and my weight as well.  I am also working on continued focus on my eating and trying to increase my water intake so there are a lot of factors in the mix.



So my goals for this week are to just make it through the week.

I am back to work tomorrow after being off most of last week (spring break for my girls).  I know I am going to have a bunch of messages and paperwork to do.  Both things I hate.  In the meantime I need to get back into my routine of getting up at 4:30am and getting my workout in.

I am starting a new workout program tomorrow am.  So, I will be doing my usual strength training and treadmill class and then heading over to this place to do a 30 min session.  I am going to be doing that 6x a week but going to still try to maintain my normal running and strength training schedule.  Yes, it might be ambitious but hoping it will help get me out of this funk.

Once I am a little more into this new routine I will share because I actually think the concept of it is really great and hoping that it could become something in the long run.  It just means trying to fit that into an already crazy schedule.  Thankfully he is flexible.

So this weeks Goals:

  • 6x week new class
  • Mon, Wed, Fri run at least 3 miles
  • Sunday 6 miles
  • Tues trainer
  • Mon, Thurs, Fri and Sat strength training
  • oh and I need a yoga class or two.

Hmm we shall see.

March 8, 2016

The day started out like any other.  You know the day that the NYC Marathon lottery happens.  Back in January I decided to put my name in the lottery.  Why?  No idea, just thought it was the natural progression of my journey.

Let me back track a little.  Three years ago I started a paper & pencil journal.  Old school style in a book, with pretty pens, lol.  I figured I was telling my clients all the time about the benefits of journaling so why not try it myself.  In the front of that journal I started a bucket list.  At first it was going to be 40 things to do before 40 but I couldn’t come up with 40 things so it just became a bucket list.

Some of the things on that list were:

  • travel outside of the US
  • get my passport
  • own a home
  • take the girls to Disney
  • run a half marathon
  • run a marathon

Say what??  I wasn’t even on my journey to fitness at that point.  I was overweight and miserable to say the least.  Why would I put those things on that list?  Who knows….  Well fast forward and I did get my passport, we went to Canada, we bought our home, took the kids to Disney and oh yeah I ran 4 half marathon’s.  Now there are a lot more things on this list and most of them have not been accomplished but I am getting there.  Let’s just pause for a moment though……..

In 2015 I ran (4) half marathon’s.  I went from contemplating weight loss surgery to not having it done, to running those half marathons.  Now I am not fast so let’s not talk about times.  So you see, the natural progression in my mind was to do a full marathon.  Everyone has said if you are going to do one NYC or Philly are the two to look at.  With that said I put my name in for the lottery.  And I then promptly forgot that I had done it.  You see after having twins (9+ years ago) my brain is often mush.

Thankfully a mom in one of my running groups (we will call her M) posted something the day or two before reminding everyone of the lottery.  So on the morning of March 8th I went about my day like anyone else.  Anyone else that is waiting to hear about the lottery.  I trained with my trainer at the gym, got the girls ready for school, went to yoga etc.  After yoga I decided to check my credit card statement.  You see I had heard that that was the way you really found out.  Well to my surprise I had a pending charge from NYRR.  What ???!!!

Are you kidding me?????!!!!!!! I was just accepted into the NYC Marathon.  This has to be a mistake there is no way that they chose me, there is no way that I will be running 26.2 miles in November.  I immediately called my mom because who else do you call when you find out this kind of news (I guess my husband but he was the 2nd call).  My mom was so excited for me. She actually walked to marathon’s when I was kid so it all just seemed full circle in our lives.  The rest of the day was sort of a blur, I had clients to see that afternoon/evening and I went through moments of being excited to feeling like I was going to throw up.  My husband is excited (at least I think he is, lol) and I am still scared.

So now the real journey begins.  I want to be closer to my goal weight when I start training and I have to come up with a training plan.  I have been doing my research and trying to see what is going to work best not just for me but for my family.  You see I still have to get the kids to school every day and be there for my clients while trying to figure out how training to run 26.2 miles is going to work.  I know I can figure it out but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with the thought.

Oh and M did not get in the marathon this year 😦

Throw In the Towel

Sometimes I just want to give up.  Why not?  I am the only one in my house that eats the way I do.  Meal prepping for myself on Sunday’s is getting old.  I am the only one that gets up at 4:30am so that I can get to the gym and home before the rest of the house wakes up.  I am tired.  I am tired of being the only one who seems to care.  I am exhausted mentally and physically.

Yesterday we couldn’t decide what to have for lunch.  My husband doesn’t really care because he eats whatever he wants.  While yes I know that it is not his fault that I was not thinking of lunch when I went to the grocery store, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating the amount of planning I do to make sure I have a semi healthy meal.  Well let me tell you the 300 calorie donut I ended up having for lunch I am sure fit totally in my macros.  Actually I don’t know if it did because when I went to go and log the information on the website I use it was down for maintenance.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a comedy of errors.  I also think I am frustrated because my weight loss has stalled (yes I know eating a donut for lunch won’t help). So I sit here and contemplate not going to the gym for the 5:30am class, I am already dressed though and know that I will leave in a few minutes.  I no longer see the same progress that I used to, people have stopped noticing as well.  It has just become common place that I do the things that I do.  While it is suppose to be that way, it is hard to wrap my head around all of this.

I am 15-20lbs away from my goal and it seems like it will never happen.  I keep getting up at the crack of Dawn every day to bust my ass at the gym and then nothing.  I am tracking my food again, upping my water intake, focusing on my macros and here I sit.  No closer to goal than I was 3 months ago, maybe even 6 months ago.  I know focus on the positive I have maintained this amount of weight loss for almost a year.  That is a huge accomplishment that most people can’t say that they ever do.  I know there are things that I should be very proud of.  Today though, I sit here and contemplate just throwing in the towel.

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