Tracking is the name of the game.  I admit that I have let my nutrition slip over the last several months.  I got comfortable in my own space.  I was eating all the same things and wasn’t really paying attention.  Then this ITBS happened and I thought hmm, I need something to focus on while I can’t run.  So I met with my trainer at this am and instead of doing a regular training session, Brian and I discussed nutrition.  We sat down and talked about calorie intake, breaking down my macros (protein, carbs, fat), and how to make it all work.  We did the dreaded body fat %, which I swear is off because of all my excess skin but there is no real proof of that, lol.

Bottom line, I am not eating enough of the right things and in general not eating enough and so for the amount I have been working out it is actually counter productive.  In addtion I am not eating enough greens ( I hate green veggies, well I hate veggies in general).  So I am going to focus on tracking again, got the app all up and going.  I am going to focus on my eating cues (back to the emotional eating) and eat when I am hungry not when I think I should.

This is also a place I am going to call home again, or my actual journal.  I haven’t been doing a lot of this lately and usually writing and journaling are like second nature to me when I am struggling.  So put the food down and focus on all the good things.  Also decided while I am taking a break from running and intense cardio I am going to still focus on upper body (it is my weakness anyway) and find some good workouts to start strengthening that.  I can’t stay out of the gym, no way no how.  The past 2 days have absolute torture not actually working out.

I am also going to try and find some yoga classes I can fit into my crazy schedule.  I was doing that pretty regularly for a while and then stopped because of schedule changes, now that my office is slowing down a little for the summer I am hoping to find a studio near there that I can sneak away for some mid day classes.

At the end of the day I have a plan.  My plan is to keep going because I will not give up.  I don’t know how to give up.  I will make this work for me and I will get stronger and healthier along the way.  Rebuilding the foundation that I started is what is important.  I will run the NYC Marathon in November because it is a dream and I know I can accomplish it.  It doesn’t matter how slow I end up being as long as I get it done.  So my training might be delayed a little it doesn’t mean I am not still staying strong in other ways.

I WILL do this.