Life has thrown me lots of curve balls and given me lots of lemons as of late.  I do my best.

Someone said something last week that initially was very hurtful, they commented that they didn’t understand why I was so upset when I was told to take a break from running.  They mentioned that I had only been running for a short time and couldn’t understand why it would even mean that much to me.  Clearly yes there was more to the conversation and the comment but that was the just of it.  I was angry and didn’t understand why someone I considered a “friend” would be so hurtful.  I got upset and tried to explain that it was my everything.  It was the thing that stopped me from binge eating.  It was what helped with my “addiction”my need and want to eat.  At the end of the day though, it made me think, it made me realize he was partially correct.

So, it was / is time for me to find something new.  I loved running but I realize that it isn’t all of me and I don’t even know if it still a part of me.  I have this friend Bridget who I have been watching kill these workouts on Facebook and I thought hmm let me give this a try.  I have seen Beachbody before but never paid much attention.  I looked into and thought why not.  I need to find something, I might as well make this my something.

So I started 21day Fix.  I did it for a week and then I stopped, I thought I can’t do this, what was a I thinking.  In the meantime though I signed up to not only do the program but I signed up to be a coach as well.  Yes me a coach.  You see I love what fitness has done for me and I want to do that for other people.  So I recommitted to the program.  On Monday may 29th I started again.  I am fully committed to this program and to myself.  I am loving the workouts.  I am finding enjoyment in things I thought were lost, I am getting up again and going to the gym, I am focused on what I want and refocused on loving myself.

Message me, comment below if you want more info on any of the programs.  I am not a salesperson by any means so this part scares me but I am human.  I am a mom, a small business owner, a wife and someone who wants to be fit!!!!