Since my surgery Is ave had the most difficult time getting myself up and to the gym at my usual 5am.  Now being at the gym at 5am means actually getting up at 4:30am so I can sort of wake up get dressed and get there for when they open.  I used to love that my gym would open a few minutes early but because of one idiot they open at exactly 5am so I guess I have a few extra minutes but I digress.

I found myself sleeping in and justifying with “well, I, don’t have to be at work until x time so I will just go after drop off”.  Now have I done that yes I have but it throws off my entire routine.  As I started tracking my food again, I noticed or rather my amazing trainer/coach noticed that I was skipping breakfast on certain days.  Hmm, why am I skipping breakfast.  Upon further inspection of it, I noticed that I was skipping on the days that I didn’t go to the gym early.  Patter.  I am all about my patterns or reasons.  I guess that is the therapist in me.

So I committed to myself this week that I am going to get up and go tot he gym at 5am no matter what time I have to be at work.  I feel like it also gives me the opportunity to be productive outside of the office.  I am sitting here now at Starbucks, drinking my coffee and typing this.  I got up early and it didn’t even phase me this morning.  I worked out for just over an hour and burned about 630 calories ( depending on the accuracy of the heart rate monitor).  I have been doing the 30 min BeachBody workout (21 day fix) and then I do the strength training that my coach sends me to do.  You see we all need a coach in my opinion.  We all need someone to motivate us and to help us out along the way.

I have fully recommitted to myself and to the importance of not only what I have to offer but to who I am.  I want to be the best version of myself and I know that in my heart I can do that.  It might take a little practice and a little patience but dang I can do this.



P.S.  So can you!!!!!