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Pushing Myself

I did not want to run today.  I mean I really did not want to run..  Forget that I have not wanted to run in a long time and I have no idea why.  I know part of it is that my running partner moved.  Sara was not just a great friend but my go to for my long runs.  She runs my pace and we chat and it just makes me feel like I am not running as far as I am.  I hadn’t found that yet.  Don’t get me wrong I have some other great workout buddies (Dominique) but it isn’t the same sometimes.

Today though I pushed myself and did my scheduled 8 miles (which was a mistake since I haven’t run that far in a long time) but I did it.  I ran in an area I have never run in before.


The boardwalk from Asbury Park to around Belmar.  4 miles out and back and the wind was awful but it felt so good.  My pace wasn’t great but for me it wasn’t bad either.  It just felt good to be back doing something I love to do and not feeling like I had to prove myself to anyone else around me.  I know running should always be about me and no one else but sometimes it is easy to get caught up in everyone else and who well they are doing.

Bottom line I miss Sara and I miss the time we got to spend together running and hanging out.  I know this will pass and I am ok with waiting it out.  In the meantime I focus on my strength training and on losing these last 20 or so pounds and we will go from there.




That is me before the start of Half Marathon #4!!  Yes I totally rocked Batman and yes I looked good.  Wait did I just say that??  I have such a hard time acknowledging my hard work and being proud of it.  This was not my fastest race by any means.  My watch time says 2:44:54 but I paused it when I stopped with my friend (she had to pee) and the official time was 2:46:58.

This race started out like any other, I place myself in the BOTP (back of the pack) and truly that is where I was, I looked back before we got to mile 1 and the police escort was about 5 people behind us.  The thing is I know I will move forward, starting out slow is my thing.  I have been nursing a hip injury for a couple of weeks and was really nervous about that before the race, but it was all about having fun.  About 2-3 miles in we were going through a neighborhood and this little boy was adorable.  He was yelling “It’s Batman, it’s batman” it totally made my day.  At this point my friend also needed to pee, so we were on the hunt for a port a potty.  We saw 2 at the relay point which was mile 4 (watch paused).  However because it was the relay point there were 4-5 people in line so my friend waited a minute and we kept going.  This is the when I first felt my hip from the stop and going again even though I tried to keep moving.

The next mile or so was down hill and then back up and then onto a paved trail.  My friend decided the woods would have to be her place to pee and so watch paused again and she peed.  Back on track.  We hit the 10K point and I was feeling ok.  I had a little soreness but at this point we doing some downhill so we made up some of the time we thought we lost from stopping.  I typically do 60:30 intervals the entire race and during this race we changed it up a little and ran down the down hills (there were a few) and ignored the walk interval until we were comfortably off the hill then at the next walk we did.  It seemed to work fine.

We ended up out of the sun and back in the shade at around mile 9 and it got a little cool again.  The scenery was beautiful but man the rolling hills were tough.  I guess around mile 10.5/11 I really started to feel my hip.  Every step with my right foot was painful and I knew then I was really going to have to push myself those last 2 miles.  The last 2 were my worst miles, which in my previous half they had been my best.  My friend and I finished together hand in hand and it was the best.

You see my friend is one of my biggest running inspirations she is the girl who was at my first 5K (where I met her) and cheered for me at the finish and had water for me and every since then we have become good friends.  Well she is moving next month and will no longer be able to run with me.  This was our 2nd half together in less than a month and our last one for now.  I had promised myself I would run with her the entire race and that I did.

One more big race this weekend the Perfect 10 (because we are all a perfect 10) and then just some smaller races until the spring.  Trying to decide now if I am ready to take the plunge and sign up for a full……..

Half Marathon #3


This is the finish of half marathon #3.  I never thought I would say that or be there or have done anything like this.  I ran in the Diva Series Half Marathon on 10/4/15 in Long Island, NY. First let me say that this was a great race.  Logistically it was a nightmare, having to drive to Long Island 2 days in a row was not how I wanted to spend my weekend.  Oh well it was worth it.  Last summer July 2014 I started running.  Never would I have imagined that just over a year later I would have completed so many races (25 total) and three of those halfs.  This one on 10/4 though was a huge PR for me.  I finished in 2:42:25 and although to most of you that doesn’t sound like much and is probably pretty darn slow.  Well considering my first ever 5K I ran in just over 46 minutes I would say that is a huge improvement.  Not only that my half that I ran in August (number 2) my time was 2:52:22 so that is almost 10 min faster in just under 2 months time.  In my life it is all about the small journeys.

At this point I have an injury though.  My hip was sore before my race ( I KT taped it) and then after I was good.  Well I ran 4 miles with hills on Wednesday as a training run as I have another half marathon on 10/18 and I did not tape my hip.  I haven’t run since as I have been in a lot of pain.  Heading to the doctor today to get it looked at.  This is a lesson in listening to our bodies!!  On a positive note I have still gone to the gym every day and have done strength training.  I refuse to let this injury be an excuse for not staying healthy.

What’s Next?

Half marathon number 2 is in the books!!  I completed it on 8/16/15 and I did it in 2:55:52 which is almost 5 minutes faster than my last one!!  I know to some that may not sound like much but for me it was epic.

I read a book recently “Bright Side” by Kim Holden and one of the things the character says is “Do Epic”.  I love that!!  I love the concept of “Do Epic” and I feel like no matter what we do in life we can do it that way.  I have taken to running that way.  This past Monday I completed my 24th race since I started running one year ago and I have completed 21 races for this year.  My goal for 2015 was to do one race a month and at this point I have crushed that.

In one year I have completed 24 races….. 2 half marathons, (1) 15K, (3) 10K’s, (1) 8k, (1) 5 mile, (1) 4 mile and the rest 5K’s.  Before this year (2015) is done I will have done 2 more half marathons, 1 ten mile and a few more 5k’s.  I am now contemplating doing a full marathon.  I have some amazing running friends who have become my friends in everyday life and one is encouraging me to do a full in NC this spring.  While I am thinking about it I am scared and I know once I sign up I am committed to it.  Fear takes over at this point.

Half Marathon….Done

Well over the past few months I have accomplished a lot of things.  Some of those things include finished my first 1/2 marathon.


The picture on the left was my first 5K in September of 2014 it was not a timed race so I don’t know how I did but I know I didn’t run the entire thing.  In November of 2014 I did my first timed 5K and finished in 46:20.  The pic on the right is me at about mile 12-13 of my first 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles).  I finished it in 2:57:21.  My goal was 3 hours and I did it.  It hasn’t been an easy road but I take pride in this accomplishment.

I now have 3 more scheduled this year as well as a slew of other races.  I have since this race done 2 more 5K’s with my fast time being 35:27 which is a huge improvement from that first “official 5K”.  To me though it isn’t about speed, it is about the fact that I am doing this.  Almost a year ago it was suggested that I have weight loss surgery.  In that year I have lost just over 50lbs and have gained a sense of confidence but at the same time I still struggle.  I struggle with the idea that I am somehow not good enough.  Not worthy of the accomplishments or of others telling me that I inspire them.

When I set out on this journey my intent was never to inspire anyone but myself.  It scares me when people tell me that I am an inspiration as I feel like that carries a burden I am not ready to for.  I know that it is really not mine, heck I tell people these things every day so I know the reality of it all.  I never thought I would say this but I LOVE RUNNING. Someone please check my temp because that can’t be correct.

I will never be the fastest in my age group, I will never win a race or a medal but I will know that I am making myself proud no matter how fast or slow I go because I know I am finishing.  I know that I am setting a positive example for my daughters and at the end of the day that is one of the most important things.

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