Was over my calories by less than 100 yesterday. My choice for dinner this week was a littler higher in calories than I thought so I am trying to adjust my other meals without feeling too hungry it is difficult. I will get there. Need to pay more attention to meal prep though and what I am cooking.
Good news from PT yesterday. I can start doing a little more, I was honest that I had tried to run and he was actually ok with it. Wants me to keep the intervals (I do anyway) and not do it for too long. So no Perfect 10 for me in 2 weeks, not that I anticipated doing it but I think a part of me was hoping I could at least do the buddy race and run 5 miles (yeah right). I can start doing squats with weights and if I can tolerate those then I can move to back squats (best news I have heard in a long time).
Today was going to be a leg and cardio day but I woke up pretty sore. PT really did a number on me with deep tissue work and I am feeling it today so I made the decision to not push it. Also my trainer did a killer shoulder work out yesterday that I am feeling today. I changed my work schedule recently as well for my daughter. So I am working 3 nights in a row until 8 or 8:45 those nights. While it doesn’t seem like much I don’t get home until almost 9:30 on the late nights and waking up at 4:30am is rough. I am definitely feeling my age lately.
I have been away from here lately.  I have been feeling pretty broken and just trying to put the pieces back together.  The hip injury has sidelined me for so long.  My weight loss has been stagnant and I have actually gained a few pounds which is a source of embarrassment for me.  I am getting back on track the best way that I can.